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To be the top service provider for hundreds of international brands in product compliance sector with happy customers, employees and stakeholders.


To provide product compliance services for Indian Market, at fastest, affordable and efficient manner.


To deliver results with integrity and make sure our employees, clients and all other stakeholders are satisfied.


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PAVONE Technologies based out in New Delhi, India ramping up gradually in global market and offer services for Testing & Certifications of IT/Telecom Equipment’s, Consumer Electrical Appliances, Automotive Electronics, Drones Registration, E-Waste EPR Certificate, PV Modules/ Cells Enlistment in ALMM scheme & Global certifications. Currently, we are working with top global OEM’s and acting as an AIR (Authorized Indian Representative) on behalf of brand owners of Telecom/IT industries, renowned test labs established in India & abroad and facilitating them to get mostly all types of mandatory certifications & schemes regulated by Indian Regulators such as MTCTE (TEC), WPC, BEE, BIS (CRS), ALMM Scheme, ARAI (Automotive), E-Waste & Drones Registration. We recently tied up with many leading NABL accredited laboratories in India for testing of Telecom/IT & consumer electrical appliances as per the Indian Standards prescribed by the regulators.

PAVONE Technologies is one stop solution for all your certification needs. We are right there for you prior to the launch of your premium products and to be on the top of timelines is our speciality.  


We develop processes for and offers services of testing of performance, conformance and security of a wide range of wireless radios classified under the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933, and the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885. The Indian Telegraph Act, 1885, is the legislation in India that governs the usage of wired and wireless telegraphy, telephones and data communication. It gives the Government of India exclusive jurisdiction and privileges for establishing, maintaining, operating, licensing and oversight of all forms of wired and wireless communications within Indian territory. The Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933, has an objective to regulate the possession of wireless telegraphy apparatus. This Act defines all types of apparatus, appliance, instrument or material which can be used or utilized for the purpose of wireless communication, including all articles which are determined to be a wireless apparatus, excluding those that are generally used for other electrical purposes without specific design or modification for wireless communication. Wireless radios are to be regulated by means of legislations on conformance to standards defined by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. This has created a market for the service of testing wireless radios used across products for various applications, including, but not limited to, the following:

1. IoT and IIoT devices

a. Products following the standards IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

b. Bluetooth Classic, BLE, Bluetooth 5.0

c. ZigBee

d. LoRa


2. Mobile Phones, Tablets, Wireless Speakers and other smart consumer electronics

3. Consumer Networking Equipment such as gateways and routers


4. Telecommunication Infrastructure such as CPEs and wireless backhaul




PAVONE’s offering is a “test-once, use-anywhere” service for wireless radios that specifically are to be deployed in India. PAVONE intends to offer this service in two parts of the ecosystem:

1. Testing & Certification of products in order to obtain regulatory approval for


2. Pre-Certification – testing of products in multiple iterations prior to testing

for accommodating design changes prior to launch.


Our long-term goal is to look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.


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